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The reason why I love 9Muses is that, apart from many groups, the girls do sexy concepts in a way that doesn’t make you uncomfortable and they don’t try to be cute and innocent as sexy at the same time.

They are grown woman in their 20’s, targeting both older men and women, showing that it’s okay to embrace your body, that’s okay to be sexy and that’s okay to show of skin if that’s what you want. 

I love 9Muses because no matter what, they always perform with passion and they know they still have a lot to work to become the group they want and wish to be. 

They have gone through many hardships, they lost members but they still keep it together, with smiles in their faces and keep on working extremely hard because they know their hard work will pay off one day. 

The girls are grown women who know what they want and nothing will stand in the way of their dreams. 

That is why I love 9Muses.

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